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The Vert shock complete review. If you’re an athlete, a high jumper or a basketball player, then you know the importance of vertical high jumping. Jumping a few inches extra can give you an extra edge like no other. Increasing jumping stamina is also very important in such cases. Some people are gifted with this abilities.

But the others have to train hard to gain these vertical high jumping skills. So how about an extra professional support to your vertical jumping training? Yes, we’re gonna talk about something like that today. It’s called the Vert Shock. Let’s check it out in details.


What is Vert Shock

Basically, Vert Shock is a 8 week workout plan which intends to improve your vertical jumping skills and height. It also increases your overall jumping stamina so that you can do it over and over again. The program is created by 2 very higjly celebrated professionals in this sector, Justin Darlington and Adam Folker. If the program is regularly and strictly followed, it promises to increase your vertical humping height from 9 to 15 inches. This might seem too good to be true. But if you check out their fan page or the customer reviews, you’l find that it’s really happening.

How Does it Work

The Vert shock program works in 3 stages. They are-

  • The Pre shock phase
  • The shock phase
  • The post Shock Phase

Pre Shock Phase

This is a 1 week phase which trains and gets your body ready for what’s to come. Different kinds of new plyometric exercises will be introduced to you which you’ll also be needing afterwards. The users have claimed that they were able to gain 3 to 5 inches extra height in their jumps in this phase. According to most of the users, it’s the hardest phase. But not for the heave exercises. It seems hard vecause the exercises are new and your body takes time to learn it.

Shock Phase

This phase is the largest part of this 8 weeks workout plan. It’s also the most intense and most important part. But if you’ve completed the pre shock stage fully, then your body must be ready for it. The shock phase is basically a combination of plyometric and strength based exercises. These exercises will train your muscles and fast twitch fibers to get that explosive energy which is needed to gain the extra height in jumps. At the end of this phase, you’ll gain somewhere around 9 to 15 inches extra height in vertical jumps.

Post Shock Phase

This phase is basically the cheery on the cake. In this phase, the exercises trains your muscles to remember what they have learnt in the previous weeks. The exercises are cemented in your muscle memory at this phase. This phase intends to make sure that you can jump at your maximum over and over again.

Benefits of the Vert Shock

The Vert Shock offers a number of amazing benefits for the athletes. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The exercises can be done anywhere. No need to any specialist or equipment
  • As it’s a digital product, so when you buy it, you get access to all the materials instantly
  • It’s designed to work for everyone regardless of age, height, gender, athlete ot non athlete
  • There are videos of every exercises so that you can learn easily and see whether you’re doing it right or not
  • User forum facilitates high level of interaction and one on one coaching


When you buy the Vert Shock program, you’ll get a number of amazing bonuses. They’re the following .

4 vertical jump killers (eBook)

This eBook will tell you about 4 mistakes which everyone do while improving their vertical jumps. It’s a very interesting book to read which contains symptoms which you can easily relate to and fix them.

Jumpers Diet Checklist (food plan)

It’s not a full on traditional diet as the program doesn’t require it. But it’s a food plan which will let you know which foods can provide the energy necessary for improving vertical jumps.

5 Dirty Tricks to Jumping Higher (eBook)

Beside the training and techniques, Justin Darlington, world’s best dunker has revealed some of his personal best tricks to jump higher in this eBook.

The Final Verdict

The Vert Shock is THE best and effective vertical jumping training program available right now. It’s created by highly celebrated professionals and loved by the users. The workouts are effective and easy to learn. Also checkout there customer reviews and you’ll find out how it really is. Moreover, you get a bunch of very useful bonuses fir free. So if you want to increase your vertical jumping capabilities, then the Vert Shock is a must own for you.

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