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Here is our exclusive Patriot Renewal review. Aging process may be the most depressing phenomena of a human life. Who doesn’t want to stay young forever? But watching yourself getting older day by day, losing your memory, cognitive capabilities and also slowly losing your stamina and physical capabilities can be a painful thing to watch.

But the good thing is nature has always something in store which can bring about a huge change in any aspect of life.

Same goes here. Today, we’re about to talk about a formula which combines some astonishing gifts from nature to control your aging process. It’s called the Patriot Renewal.

What Makes Patriot Renewal So Special?

The amazing ingredients are the magic which makes the Patriot Renewal so special. It contains 4 remarkable genesis ingredients which have astonishing anti-aging effects on your body. As you know, genesis means beginning. They’re named so because they do provide a new beginning to your life. We’ll talk about all of them in details.

Genesis Ingredient 1: Gynostemma Pentaphyllum

This amazing ingredient comes from the provinces of Guizhou, Shicuan and Guangxi in China where people live for a HUNDRED years or more! They don’t only live long, they also don’t suffer from any symptoms associated with getting old. After a research of over 10 years, the scientists finally unraveled the mystery of their ever-lasting youth and thus the Gynostemma pentaphyllum was discovered.

The locals call it “Xiancao” which means the “immortality plant”. The funny thing is, the common villagers didn’t even know it has such an effect. They used to drink it in a special tea as it naturally tastes sweet.

The amazing thing about this plant is it can increase the Prime Antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD) levels drastically, even for people of 90 years of age. A research about it was performed where 610 healthy subjects aging from50 to 90 years were involved. All of them were given Gynostemma pentaphyllum every day for a month and the results were astonishing.

Subjects aging from 70 to 90 experienced a decrease in harmful oxidants by 21%. The most amazing thing was, all of them experienced an increase of SOD by a whopping 282%! This SOD is the key in Gynostemma pentaphyllum which controls your aging process so well. The benefits of Gynostemma pentaphyllum includes –

  • Makes cells resistant to aging
  • Improves physical tiredness and fatigue
  • Raise the levels of other 2 Prime Antioxidants called catalase and glutathione. Increased levels of these two mean greater resistance to aging
  • Activates the NRF2 which is known as the “master controller of aging”
  • Supports healthy blood sugar and insulin response
  • Strengthens the immune system and controls inflammation

Genesis ingredient 2: Deep Ocean Water Minerals

Most of us know that almost all minerals are found on lands. But recently scientists have discovered that under 2,000 feet in the deep ocean, there are some amazing minerals which can increase your energy levels like nothing else and can make you feel decades younger and healthier.

These deep ocean water minerals are 70 ancient, rare, absorbable and ionic minerals and trace elements which were originated in the Greenland Glaciers. Thousand years ago, it released this ice cold water full with these deep ocean minerals into the sea which sank deep into the ocean for its heavy mineral content.

Compared to the surface and seawater minerals, the deep ocean water minerals are far more superior. For example, deep see water minerals can deliver 26 times more potassium than other minerals for a healthier heart and blood pressure, 74 times more magnesium, 198 times more copper, 71 times more boron and so on.

Other than that, the deep ocean water minerals contain rare clay materials which have been used for healing and detoxification from the ancient times and also these minerals are far more easily absorbed by your body than the other minerals.

In one study, a number of healthy male volunteers exercised up to their exhaustion levels, then they experienced a complete recovery of aerobic power within just 4 hours after taking the deep ocean water minerals. In another similar study, exhausted volunteers rehydrated twice as fast with the deep ocean water minerals compared to the carb rich sport drinks or mountain spring water.

It’s proven that deep ocean water minerals are amazingly good for health. Its anti-aging benefits include:

  • Healthy arteries
  • Improved levels of cholesterol
  • Smoother skin and strong vision
  • Healthy blood pressure and digestion
  • Drastic improvement of cardiovascular health
  • Support to maintain a healthy weight
  • 900% boost in the cells power generators

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Genesis Ingredient 3: The BacoMind

Most of the people in the world are afraid of getting old for the fear of losing their precious memories which comes as a result of poor and decreased brain functioning. According to a survey on 3,000 adults, Americans aging 60 or more are more afraid of memory loss rather than poor health, losing independence or even ending up in a nursing home.

If you’re one of these people, then the solution to your fear is the 3rd genesis ingredient, the BacoMind. It’s derived from the Indian pennywort herb called Bacopa monnieri.  It has been prized by Ayurvedic healers for centuries. It’s the only Indian pennywort which can support your memory by 78%.

The ways in which BacoMind supercharges your memory and brain includes the following –

  • It helps restoring the BDNF, the critical brain protein which prevents the death of your existing brain cells and also creates new brain cells. According to a study, people with higher level of BDNF experience a lower rate of cognitive decline than those with lower BDNF.
  • It increases the levels of prime antioxidants in your brain hugely protect your brain from free radical damage and decline. The brain is highly sensitive to free radicals which makes it very vulnerable to them
  • It reduces the inflammation triggers such as COS, TNF-a and ROS which helps your brain stay sharp
  • Increases the most important neurotransmitter of the brain called acetylcholine by 30% for clearer thinking and better communication between the brain cells

Genesis Ingredient 4: Resveratrol

Most of us think that we are born with certain genes and we’re destined to live with them throughout our life. Well, that’s NOT true anymore. Our bodies can be activated to create youthful, new and healthy genes by a process called genomic genesis. And this is possible by this 4th genesis ingredient called Resveratrol.

Some of you might’ve already heard about it as the CBS news calls it “life extending red wine ingredient” and the Independent calls it the “miracle ingredient that helps us stay young”. Maybe you were wondering how it works. Let’s see then.

Resveratrol activates a gene called SIRT 1. It’s our body’s anti-aging gene. It controls the age robbing inflammation and oxidation in our body. As a result, it keeps our heart, arteries, blood pressure, cholesterol level and blood sugar level in a good state, the state which exists when we’re young. It promotes better blood flow throughout the body as it improves the health of arteries by 50%.

When SIRT 1 is activated, you reduce those 5 common risks of aging. A study about aging which consisted of people over 65 showed that higher level of resveratrol was associated with a reduced risk of exhaustion, being sedentary, body shrinking, slowness and weakness.

According to a study of Scripps Institute scientists, resveratrol turns on an ancient cellular mechanism which slows down aging in times of sickness and stress. Scientists have found that resveratrol triggers a powerful molecule called TyrRS which activates a protective shield around our cells which works as an impenetrable armor against inflammation and oxidation, two age stealing stressors. The added benefits of resveratrol include –

  • Works very effectively in small dosages.
  • Activates this protective shield to keep you young and strong for a longer period of time
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol oxidation
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Boosts cardiovascular health

All these amazing anti-aging genesis elements in just one formula, this is how good the Patriot Renewal is.

The Final Verdict

All of us want to stay young forever. As you’ve read so far, so I’m sure you do too. The Patriot Renewal is probably the most advanced scientific anti-aging formula up to date. The ingredients it uses are fully scientifically proven. Moreover, they’re offering an amazing double money back guarantee with purchase and a bunch of cool bonuses with each package purchases. So you really don’t have anything to lose here. In simple words, just go for it!

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